Addr:National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

2020 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition (the 17th session) will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) from December 9 to 12,2020. Covering an area of 55000Sq.m. with estimated 1000 exhibitors and 60000 visitors from all over the world will gather together. Purchasers from 50 countries and regions will be active at the exhibition hall for business cooperation. The exhibits include all types of bearings as well as high-end bearings, and will cover special equipments, precision measurements, accessories and parts, transmission components, lubricant greases, and so on. The new products, new technology, new material, new technique and equipment will represent the latest development trend of today’s world bearings and related products. We will focus on inviting buyers from main equipment industry and distributors at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition and various activities. It will provide more information and opportunities to all exhibitors. In order to promote the development of bearing industry, improve the level of the fair, strengthen enterprise communication, we sincerely invite you to attend the exhibition.

Hot News

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A top gala for communication and development of the world bearing industry.1

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The exhibition provides manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers with the best platform for professional trade negotiations.2

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As the world's leading professional event, we will continue to innovate service concept and provide the best quality service for enterprises and users.3

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Exhibition focused on displaying the essence of modern bearings and their special equipments.4

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